Metal Stamping

Mounting Pan for Electrical Board

Category:Sheet Metal Fabrication

Mounting Pans for eldctrical board, easy install, with PEMs pressed down

YSY Electric provides of custom made sheet metal stamping parts and assemblies since 2005 with ISO certified.

We help you from product design, prototype validation, production, assembly, quality control and global logistics, while saving time and money.

Our metal fabrication services including:

  • Metal Stamping

  • Laser Cutting

  • Sheet Metal Bending

  • Metal Welding

  • Assembly

Material: Metal, Stainelss steel, Aluminum,Copper, Zinc, Nickel and Nickel Alloys

Finish: Anodizing, electroplating, powder coating, silkscreen and Laser Logo

1. Material Alumimium Zinc Plates

2. Production: NCT, Folding, Pressing, 

3. Tolerance: 0.2mm 

4. Surface Finishing: nature Color 

5. Easy to install and unistall

6. With PEMS pressed down

7. Extra Support Pillars or post for option

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