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NCT Introuduction

Firstly, definition of NCT
NCT means, the production is base on the punching machine, use one kind of the metal sheet, and go through series of procedure and get the final product.

Secondly, normal raw material in china for NCT
1. C.R.S, SPCC
2. H.R.S, SPCC
3. Zinc Plates
1).Hot-dip Galvanized Steel, SGCC,
a. Includes spangle galvanized steel and non-spangle galvanized steel
b. G30/G60/G90 (ASTM A653) base on thickness of material
2). Electro-Galvanized Steel, SECC
a. Base on surface: conventional SECC and Anti-Fingerprint SECC
b. Base on the thickness: G20/20, G40/40, G60/60, G90/90; E24, E32, E40
4. Tin-Plated Steel
5. Stainless Steel
6. Copper
7. Aluminum

Thirdly, Procedure

The general procedure for the NCT Production is in the following:

1. Punching  

2. Folding

3. Riveting

4. Extruding, embossing

5. Tapping

6. Drilling

7. Spot welding

8. Welding

9. TOX

10. Grinding, sanding

11. Plating

12. Power coating

13. Silk printing

14. Packing